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Our Hostel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: -How far is Hostel from the Kremlin?

A:        15 minutes by feet.

Q: -How many guests can live at your Hostel?

A:       50 guests.

Q: -How much can cost the taxi from the airport to the hostel?

A:        around 1500 roubles ( but you better always need to deal it )

Q: -Is it possible to have visitors at the Hostel?

A:       We are sorry but no by a security purpose

Q: Operating mode of  the Hostel?

A:        24 hours a day

Q: -Have you got a safe service to store documents and money ?

A:        Yes, we do have.

Q: -How much can cost a cheap diner in the area?

A:         Around  100-200 roubles,2,5-5 euros or 3-7 dollars.

Q: -Are you doing support in registration?

A:        Yes, we do it cost 700 roubles

Q: -How much is it that in dollars?

A:       -Around 20 $.

Q: -What is 1 Dollar exchange rate in relation to 1 ruble?

A:        -1 $ = approximately 30 rubles currently.

Q: -Where is the nearest exchange office?

A:        -It is 1 min by steps.

Q: -How much the deposit for linen and a key?

A:      it will cost you 20 $ for all missing or damaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions